Thursday, June 17, 2010

can't wait to see your smiling face.

I'm seeing Nick tonight. I haven't seen him twice in one week since, probably, the end of school. I have no clue what we're doing but I don't care. I like driving down streets, listening to DJ Tiesto, laughing, smiling, making memories, and having the best time. :) I wonder if Nick likes the song "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz...I hope he does because I've listened to it 22 times since last night. I think tonight's going to be a "Dynamite" playing night. :) 

Until then, though, here are a few updates:
- I lost three pounds. I'm so happy. My weight has been consistent for the past two days :)
- The only carbohydrates I ate today were about 140 calories worth of Goldfish crackers! (I am trying to reduce my carb intake to reduce my stomach fat)
- I drank an entire pot of green tea today and tonnes of lemon water.
- My brother helped me cook dinner tonight (weird). We made chicken cutlets, string beans, mushrooms, and a tomato and bocconcini salad. 
- I did yoga this morning and it felt so good. I was shaking really bad while doing side planks, dolphin planks, and so many other intense things, but my body definitely appreciated it :)

Have a good night, lovelies :)

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Francesca said...

I LOVE when I'm just oh so happy, so I'm really glad that you are. And I love yoga!

Victoria India said...

Awww! <3 love it!

Indigo said...

Green tea is the best way to stay full and avoid snacking at work :)

~Abby~ said...

woo hoo! good job! (on losing 3 pounds.)
keep it up girl. :)