Thursday, May 6, 2010

you are beautiful.

Morning lovely bloggers :)

My feet are blistered and I'm debating whether or not I should avoid my walk today to help them get better... I think my mind really wants to go for a walk but my body isn't on the same page. Whatever, working out and staying fit means that my body's going to be sore, right? I won't do anything crazy... I mean it's just a walk. Instead of running and walking today, I'll just stick to walking, I suppose.

I have no plans for today. It's kind of depressing. However, I might be hanging out with the boy today. He had a bad day at work yesterday (he works with his Dad) and I told him that we could hang out tonight (as well as tomorrow) if he needed a smile or two. He's going to let me know if he has energy haha. His Dad owns a landscaping company and doesn't exactly pay Nick every week/other week. He sort of just keeps the money... I mean Nick's Dad pays for Nick's education and for his car so I guess he has reason, but you still have to pay your son! Nick quit his part time job so he could work with his Dad full time under the agreement that he'd be getting some cash. But, that's not exactly going as planned. I feel bad but I'm just trying to be as positive as I can. I told Nick that maybe, just maybe, Nick's Dad will pay him eventually and that hey, if he doesn't get the money right away, maybe it won't be that bad because Nick won't be spending every cent before he gets his next cheque.

In other news, I despise the scale in my house. It's mental. I went on it this morning (I know, I said I'd wait 'til Friday but that failed) and apparently I gained two pounds last night? Ummm, I burned off my dinner times TWO at Kickboxing and only drank water when I got home. That makes no sense. I get that muscle weighs more than fat, but still. I guess I have to be an exercise scientist to understand all of this mumbo jumbo.

With those two random pounds in mind, I'm going to go for a walk even if my feet fall off. That would suck but hey, at least my cardio would be up and my inner thighs would be thinner.

Jeez, the things we ladies do to feel good about ourselves.

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hope u feel better.