Wednesday, May 19, 2010

take a trip far away, where no one really cares about those things.

Tonight, Cara, Vic, Cass, and I encouraged each other to work really hard at kickboxing. We did. I came out of the class sweating and with my muscles pulsing (boom, boom. Boom, boom). Tonight's work out was intense. I'm happy I tried really hard though, I can feel the progress and see the progress in myself and in all of my friends!

(Cara, you know how we were talking about "The Tide' in the car? Well, it just came on my iTunes. Thought I'd let you know).

Anyways...back to the point of this post...

At the beginning of class, Vic jokingly said to me (as we were jogging around the gym) "Work HARDER." I was jogging and shuffling so quickly in response to her joke that I fell right onto my knees. I couldn't stop laughing. Every one in the class stopped and stared at me. I'm pretty sure the Sensei of the class also laughed at me. I'm a klutz. One time me and Tash were working out and I fell off the treadmill WHILE I WAS WALKING. Another example, today I broke an entire bottle of home made wine vinegar because it slipped out of my hand in the midst of getting the salad ready for dinner. I think I'm just that special. 

I'm so stoked for tomorrow. It's supposed to be twenty-eight degrees. The girls are coming over and we plan on soaking up the sun, singing, walking, and just hanging out. Oh! And, we are going to eat such a good lunch. I'm making whole wheat cheese and tomato wraps with salad. Deeelicious. The thought if it is making me hungry, now. For dessert, I'm cutting up some fresh peaches that my Dad bought today. Mmmmm! 

Well, I should probably get ready for bed. I have to wake up early tomorrow for course selection (erg). I'm sure I'll blog about how lame WebAdvisor (the program I have to use to register) is being. I hope I get all the courses I want. For, if I do, I'll have 80% of my classes with Teal and Ashlee! If that actually happens, commuting won't be a pain at all. 

Goodnight! I hope every one has had a great day. If you've had a bad day, remember that bad day's are always sucky but then night time comes. As soon as night time is finished, morning arrives, giving you a fresh start.

Peace. Love. Be happy. Be yourself.


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~Abby~ said...

Hehe I'm a klutz too sometimes! X)
Soak up some sun for me! It's so rainy where I am!