Saturday, May 22, 2010

scary thoughts, wishes over train tracks, and a better day.

I haven't really been writing very lengthy posts, lately. I'm sorry. I've just been consumed in thoughts about some pretty horrible things that went down. But, don't worry about me, I'm 100 per cent good and well (I'm just really worried). I know everything will be okay. I will listen even if it doesn't make sense. I'll be there :)

I had a good day today. I tie dyed with Cass, Vic, and Cara. I'm scared my shirts are going to turn brown because that's just how lucky I am, but hopefully they will turn out nice.

Today, we talked about a lot. Though there was some bickering, it was all in good spirits. I love my best friends, every single one of them (no matter where I've met them or how long I've known them). I am happy that today I could talk about whatever was on my mind, whatever I'd been thinking about from the past, and whatever I've been hoping for the future. I'm very lucky and ever so thankful.

I have nothing much to write about other than this:

I'm excited to go grocery shopping tomorrow with my mom. Cass and Vic gave me some awesome healthy advice and I can't wait to go all ape healthy shit on my mom and get some delish food for the week (for me and my tummy).

Before I conk out (I'm so tired), I just wanted to say thanks to the new people who've just started to follow my blog. I can't believe I'm at 102 followers. I remember when I was at 10 followers and thought I was at the top of the world. Thanks for everything :) I look forward to reading your blogs and for approving your comments.

Much love.

Bonne nuit.


If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them said...

Soon you will have 102 x 200 more followers!!!!! You are an amazing blog author and person!

Anonymous said...

rest and have a nice day.