Sunday, May 16, 2010

my eyes are closing but I just wanted to say...

- My grandmother says she's okay even though it's written over her face that she's not.
- Apparently my grandmother has a kidney infection and she doesn't know how long she's had it.
- I feel like my grandmother fainting a few weeks ago was someone, or some people, saving her life (those people being my dead grandfather and aunt).
- I had such a good night. It involved long talks, yoga on my dusty basement floor, real understanding, some tears, some sweat, honesty, a good laugh, good food (especially the dessert), and people I never want to leave my life.
- I talked to Nick about some heavy duty stuff tonight...He always says he wants to live in Whistler, British Columbia and he has this entire life plan that I feel like I won't ever fit in. I asked him if he would promise me to take into consideration what I want for my life so we can both live our dreams. He promised. I hope he means it. Well, I know he means it, but only time will tell.
- I want the best for the people I love. I want them to be happy. I always wish my loved ones and closest friends the best. I always will.
- I'm happy with life right now in all directions but I'm scared that things are going to take a drastic turn for the worst. I guess every one has those fears.
- I'm exhausted. Goodnight.
- Oh wait, I hate thin inspiration. Read my Tumblr (see the link to the left) to see why.

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