Monday, May 17, 2010

I held onto the past.

I dwell on everything way too much.
I think too much.
My stomach is hurting.
I'm freezing cold and my plan to sit outside all day failed when the clouds rolled in.
I started reading "Girl Meets Boy" by Ali Smith and I love it. It's like a really long and confusing poem that has so much meaning.
I don't know why I'm over thinking everything right now, but I am and I shouldn't be.
I just want to go get my nails done so I have something to like about myself. That's depressing, I'm sorry, but I just feel gross today. I have an appointment for a mani and pedi tomorrow. My boss got me a gift certificate to a spa and I'm finally getting the chance to use it.
I feel like I did something wrong when I actually did nothing of the sort.
Please get this insane melody out of my head...


Hi, I'm Ashlee. said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog :)

Looks like you're kinda feeling exactly how I was last night... Having a 'bleh' day where everything in your mind is overcrowded and confusing.

Whenever I feel like I've done something wrong for no reason, I reassure myself by talking to the people who are important to me. (ie. family, best friends, boyfriend), and make sure to tell them that I love them! That always makes me feel better!

That, and I hope your manicure & pedicure made you feel better! I'm sure you will look fabulousss! I want a french manicure so bad!

Anyways, wish we could hang out, I miss you!!

kInterisano said...

Maybe this will cheer you up?

leviana coccia. said...

Thanks ladies<3 Miss you so much!!
Kristina - loved the video haha.

If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them said...

I hope your stomach feels better!

I think a lot too. I think about the "what if..." or maybes.

Anonymous said...

Love you :) Cheer up! Tomorrow is a new day and I'm sure you'll feel better... If not text me to vent <3

love you, Victoria!