Monday, May 17, 2010

detox and carbs.

I'm very proud of the delicious dinner I made tonight. It was the regular, pasta and meat, but I ate really healthy today and I worked out for two hours. My Dad makes me laugh, he wants to lose 20 lbs but ate two plates of pasta and two slices of bread. Oh Papa.

I also drank so much Peppermint tea. If that doesn't clean out my system, I don't know what will. On top of that I ate spinach, arugula, and radicchio in my salad. To drink, I had lemon water.

I can feel the cleanse. Hahaha, too much info?

I'm going out with Nick soon so I should probably go get ready.


~Abby~ said...

"Feeeel the cleanse." Lol.
Good job on eating healthfully!
:) Sounds like a good dinner.

tiana lachelle said...

I'm doing a cleansing system for myself also.
It feels so nice.

We're all mad here. said...

I didn't know peppermin tea was good for dieting. I usually have green tea if I'm in a healthy mood!