Friday, April 9, 2010

tag alert!

Nabilah Hazirah tagged me in a post to answer the following questions:

-> What's the colour of the shirt you're wearing right now?
White and black.

-> Fave brand?
City and Colour.

-> Which celebrity would you want to be BFF with?

Cory Monteith.

-> How would you react if one day you wake up and received a letter from "The Minstry of Magic" informing that they want you in Hogwarts?

I'd be pretty stoked.

-> Fave dessert?

Chocolate Cannoli.

-> Which reality TV show would you want to be in?

Anything but the Jersey Shore.

-> Ice-cream or chocolates?

How about chocolates on TOP of ice cream?

-> Have you ever want/wish to slide down a rainbow?

I have never thought about that until now. It sounds good, though.

-> If you could travel back time, which time would you visit? (Ancient Greek,Middle Ages etc.)

The Middle Ages.

-> Are you happy with life now?

I am, yes! 



Georgia @ simplydirtyprettythings said...

The middle ages dont sound at all fun. I would buzz it up in the roaring 20's

Susan said...

the middle ages? um, you are brave! :)