Tuesday, April 6, 2010

six hundred fifty days.

I worked on study notes last night from 9:00p.m. until after midnight. I tried reading an article my teacher gave out last night, as well, and I succeeded - with one eye open and one eye closed, however.

I made a To-Do list of all the study notes I have to make before April 16th. Looks like I'm in for a great ride. I have tonnes to do everywhere and the To-Do list staring at me on the wall is very scary. 

Just think. Twenty more days until I'm free. Free from school work, free from work for a month, just free. Free to enjoy the summer that I didn't (and couldn't) enjoy last year. Free to finally sit on the patio and sun bathe for hours. Free to read! Free to go to concerts. Free to explore. Free to feel the heat on my skin. Free to love. :)

I seriously can't wait to be done. The only problem? I have to be at work in 19 minutes and I'm still in my PJs. Get off yo' ass girl.

GOOD NEWS THOUGH! I'm going for wings with my besties tonight to celebrate Vic's birthday! Cass isn't going to be there, which is kind of sad, but I know that when she comes home we will make up for it!! 

Oh and I also didn't watch Gossip Girl last night like I wanted to. I plan on doing that at lunch time if I finish work early.



Suyinsays said...

i really really love reading your posts! theyre really well written and so interesting!
lots of love


If Life Gives You Lemons, Don't Eat Them said...

It sounds like you are ready for more fun and less work in your life! I hope your summer will be fun and happy!

You seem to really like Gossip Girl. I don't get that show, but I love the cast!