Wednesday, April 14, 2010

sensible heart.

Me and Nick walked to the mall, today.

Nick bought me a pair of yellow summer wedges, there. They're identical to the photo below, just yellow. I felt kind of bad when he bought them, and I still do, but he insisted that he treat me. 
I suck - I still haven't bought him a Valentine's Day present. Well, I'm supposed to get him a Ukulele but he insists he come with me (since musical instruments and me aren't on the same page). I told him I'd give him the money to go buy it when he has time this weekend. See, the music store is really close to his house and so far away from mine so it would make no sense for him to come get me and then go all the way back to the store. I still feel horrible about the Valentine's gift and the new shoes he bought me...

I also bought some really cute summer tops from Costa Blanca, this afternoon. I didn't try one of them on - since Nick was sitting outside the store on a bench (lol) - but when I got home and put it on, I fell in love. It's white, a really light material, with a hella subtle pattern on it. The back kills me. The reason for purchasing the shirt was that there was a small area open on the back of the shirt, leaving some cute bare back potential. Then...when I got home, I realized that the shirt has a slit all the way down the back. It looks so cute with a bra top or a patterned tank. I wish I bought one of these shirts in every colour. I think they had purple and baby blue ones, too. I might go back and get some more - with the money I shouldn't be spending. Whatever, it was only ten bucks :)

Well that's my update. 

I'm supposed to be practicing my speech for tomorrow, but I'm listening to City and Colour ECSTATIC that I will be seeing Dallas at the end of the summer.


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