Wednesday, April 7, 2010

late wednesday update!

The funniest thing just happened! My roommate came into my room to say goodnight to me but I didn't see her and when she said the words, I jumped and flew back on my bed just slighty in hysterical laughter. We both died a little bit inside. This event just proves that I'm insane; I believe it is official - I have gone crazy!!  (Okay, not legit crazy but I'm a bit delusional at the moment).

I spent just under 8 hours doing study notes today, I think that's a pretty good excuse for my delusion. I was going to start working on making notes from the course readings, but that is going to take a lot of time and a serious mindset.

I figured I should break and maybe get some sleep since I have a hell of a day tomororw: class, work, yoga (depending on how much I plan on getting done homework/studywise), VAMPIRE DIARIES, pack, more study notes, and sleep! 

Sleep I wil... just after I finish writing this!

I'm also very dehydrated at the moment. I don't really understand how, though. I probably drank two gallons of water between yesterday and today. Okay, exaggeration again...but you get the picture! If I drink any more water I won't be sleeping tonight because I will be running to and from the bathroom. My posts, today, seem to all be within the theme of urinating. I think now's a good time to stop talking about that, ha.

What else is new? Well, I helped my friend Kristina with her Studio exam today! I dressed conservatively and modeled for her for about an hour. I felt really bad, though, because she was really stressed out! I advised her to take a deep breath and reminded her that everything would be okay :) I'm not sure how her day ended up, but I hope Kristina saw some sun through the rain.

Kristina also told me that she is going to print a photo of me from the last time I helped her out for me to keep! I was totally not expecting that at all. When she told me I felt pretty cool inside, haha. Thanks girl :) You don't/didn't have to print anything! 

Lastly, my back is killing! I don't know if it was yoga, or the combination of yoga and sitting in the same position doing homework for eight hours or so, but my neck is really tense, my shoulders are sore, and my upper back is crampy. Cramp, cramp. 

On that note - I am going to head to sleep. It was really hot in my room all day but I turned off the heat/air conditioning thing-a-ma-bob (it's not really a furnace or an air conditioner...because I live in a residence's more of a thermostat, I think) so I can sleep tonight. The last sentence I wrote made me sound like I haven't slept in weeks.



Barry said...

Leviana, you amaze me at how busy you always seem to be! I have tremendous admiration for the amount of studying you do, I wish more people took education as seriously.

Vampire Diaries, YEAH!! Did you know that Nina Dobrev lived in Toronto and went to school there for a while?

I hear you about cramps. I don't do yoga but I do tend to sit cross-legged at my computer, which is baad!

Georgia @ simplydirtyprettythings said...

You are always soo busy!! I am at university and spend all my time doing home inspiration and vintage shopping. The other time I have I spend clothes shopping. So not only will I leave uni uneducated, I will also be poor. :P