Monday, April 19, 2010

lalala studying with my cup of GLEE.

I have actually studied consistently all morning - I am very proud of myself. With my Glee playlist blasting, my pen, my paper, and my study notes, I have been effectively learning about Subcultures and the Mainstream Media.

I'm about to take a Skype break with the boyfriend. We both have exams this week so I probably won't be seeing him much this. That's okay, I'll be more productive :P


Anonymous said...

I love gleee :)

Susan said...

congrats, you are a good girl XD

A Table For One said...

Are you stoked for the Madonna espidoe of Glee this week?

leviana coccia. said...

OH! I cannot wait :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your exams.
I also studied all morning!


Kakes said...

Good luck on your exams! I love your pervios post about walks in the evening!

Angelina said...

Thank you ;)

ЯANdOM ЯAWR ◊ said...

You have a GLEE soundtrack?! I'm so jealous, haha.
Yeah, good luck for your exams!

xx Blaize

~Abby~ said...

Good job, keep studying!
And good luck on your exams!

Brooklynn said...

I love Glee.!!