Friday, April 16, 2010

hello, i love you won't you tell me your name.

Gooood morning fellow bloggers!

I am home today. Well, Nick drove me home last night. I should have been studying but instead, I watched the Vampire Diaries with my mom on the floor in my room. I still haven't watched yesterday's episode because I was getting my mom all caught up last night, but I plan on doing that this morning.

I'm going out for lunch with Tash today and after we are done hanging out I imagine I should spend the rest of the night studying for my Subcultures exam. I don't want to. At this point, I'm so happy I'm done class that I feel as though I am on summer vaca. But, I'm not.


Yeah, that didn't help.

I will study, though. I mean, I have no choice. Just right now, I want to give myself a little bit of a break. That's okay...right?

Alright I'll make a deal with myself - I'll watch the Vampire Diaries through breakfast, read my notes over before I see Tash, and then hang out with her for a bit. Then, I'll come back and read my notes over again a few more times. Theeen, I'll condense my notes.

So fun.

I really just want to listen to Glee all day.

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Anonymous said...

gud luck on ur studys.. (: hope u catch up on vampire diaries.