Wednesday, April 14, 2010

everybody's beautiful, let the music carry you, baby I will follow you forever.

Glee. Wow. I love Sue Silvester. I love Finn Hudson. I do not like Jesse St. James. Will Schuster broke my heart. Emma Pilsbury - I am so proud of you. Rachel Berry, you are hilariously interesting (that's the best wat I can describe it). Fabulous way to bang yourself back into showbiz, Glee cast. I'm so excited for next week's epsiode - Madonna!! 

Gossip Girl? Well,  I tried to watch it last night but the clips wouldn't load on so I got annoyed and went to sleep. My roommate told me it wasn't that great of an episode which makes me kinda bummed, but I hope I can watch it today.

Assignments? I finished everything. I just have to submit my Radio Broadcasting newscast at some point today or tomorrow so I can go home on Thursday night and practice my speech. I haven't tried memorizing it yet, but this morning I said it at the top of my head with no notes and I knew everything. I guess since this particular speech is about my family, and it's the fifth one I've done in the semester, it's easier than normal. Nonetheless, tonight I'm going to make sure everything is perfect.

Work? It went well yesterday. I got tonnes done. It was a little bit long, though. Whatever. I'm going back over to the school to work another shift in about twenty minutes and then I'm seeing Nick and practicing my speech hardcore.

Nick? He's okay. He hasn't been answering my texts/making an effort to contact me first and it's annoying me. So, I am just not going to text him or say anything to him until I see him today. I hate arguing through text messages and he has to learn that I'm not the only one in this relationship. Same old argument, different day.

Yoga? It went by really fast last night. I didn't really get a good work out either. Perhaps it was because my head was all over the place trying to figure out what to take care of first. But, when I got back from yoga (and just before I headed over to the lounge to watch Glee) I figured out all of the loose ends to my Radio assignment and checked it off of my To-Do list.

Now, I must get ready for work. I would love to wear shorts and a tank, but it's only 6 degrees Celsius right now...and I have to look professional-ish.

I'm going to go figure out what to wear.


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cris (cristal) said...

i dont watch glee but maybe i shud start sounds interesting.