Friday, March 26, 2010

sends you gently for the fall.

I just spent the last hour (or so) editing my blog layout. I got an e-mail from Blogger notifying me about this new template editor in Blogger Draft. Hell yeah, I took advantage of that. I was going to spark up the layout with some colour, but I am more of a black and white kind of girl--well when it comes to the Internet. Plus, black and white makes my posts look like I'm keeping a diary. Let me know what you think by participating in my poll (it's the first gadget in the side bar).

Oh pardon me, I forgot to say good morning. GOOD MORNING! It's currently -7 degrees celsius outside, ah. Last week at this time it was already +5. Unfortunately, the high of today will only be +1 but at least the sun is out, which is a change from yesterday. 

Whenever it's poopy outside I just feel poopy all over. When it's sunny out, though, I'm like a changed woman! 

I hope you all have a great day. Here are some songs that I'm in lalalaland with:

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