Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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Oh hey,

I have successfully completed today; I read the articles I wanted to read, I memorized my speech and practiced making the perfect Nutella sandwich without sounding like a complete idiot who does not know how to spread Nutella on a slice of toast, I went to work, I went to yoga, I ate dinner, and now I am listening to the Spice Girls.

I've also been without Facebook for about two weeks now. To be completely honest, I don't miss it. I don't miss having to check my notifications. I don't miss reading inbox messages. I don't miss feeling obliged to wish people I haven't spoken to in a few years a happy birthday. I do miss keeping in touch with my closest friends online but that's why I have this blog, MSN, Skype, and a text messaging plan.

Sometimes I feel like Facebook is such an unnecessary add-on to life that we can all do without. Don't get me wrong, when used properly, it is a great tool! But, when it gets to the point where we are checking our Facebook at every chance we get (history of my life), we become unhealthily addicted to a lame social networking site that never really deletes the electronic footprints we place on walls, photographs, and statuses.

Facebook has also become a complete competition. Well, he posted this status and then she commented on his status so in order to get him to comment on my status, I wrote this. Well, she wrote this on his wall and then he commented on her post and then she commented back and then they broke up. It all seems pretty interesting in the moment, but when reality sets in, it's so stupid.

That's just what I think. Even though I knew this (methodologically), I completely understood it after I clicked "Deactivate Account." I think I might refrain from Facebook until the summer starts. The next few weeks are going to be crazy busy and I like just having to worry about this blog, twitter, and the odd dailybooth photo. I think I might even delete dailybooth if I can figure it out.

When I do get Facebook back, and I promise you I will (even though that makes me sound like a hypocrite) I am going to try not to relapse.


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