Sunday, March 21, 2010

my pet peeves (in no specific order).

1. When people walk slow in shopping malls.
2. When people chew with their mouths open.
3. When people chomp.
4. When you try and contact someone, but they don't answer you. Then, you find proof that they've been ignoring you.
5. When people are so focused on money and material things that when it's time to nourish themselves, they can't because they've spent their money on something useless.
6. Not being able to breathe in the middle of the night because of a stuffy nose.
7. When people complain and through their complaining it is revealed that they are, in fact, a hypocrite.
8. I hate when people judge. Who are you to judge me? Do you know me well enough? Are you God? No.
9. When people "hail" a certain other because they're afraid of them.
10. Double-standards.
11. When people talk behind another person's back and then pretend like they didn't.
12. When people think they need to look fantastic 100% of the time. Just be yourself, don't cake on the foundation at every chance you've got.
13. Laziness.
14. When people always have an excuse...
15. Clingy/dependent people.
16. LIARS.

Done. (For now).