Friday, March 5, 2010

little girl moved away by gaga's bodyguard.

Don't get me wrong, I really like Lady Gaga's music and her fashion sense (though it's a little bit weird) but I didn't like when I read about her bodyguard who pushed a little blond girl away after attempting to cuddle and snap a picture with the star. What could a little unnamed blond girl do to her that was so absolutely dangerous that Gaga's guard hard to yank her away from the megastar and the potential of getting a photograph?

Apparently encouraged to embrace the star, the little girl made her way to Gaga who wore an interesting black dress with a head piece and vale. However, the girl's dreams were crushed.

I thought about how I would react, when I was about six or seven years old, if I saw one of my favourite pop singers and I'd probably be too scared to even take a step forward. But hey, I think we can honestly all say that this little girl wasn't trying to get down Gaga's pants (or lack thereof), sneak into Gaga's hotel room, or use any photographs for blackmail.

This little girl is probably going to be haunted for the rest of her life. I, myself, have creeper flashbacks of embarrassing things that happened to me in my youth (most of them because of my awkwardness) and I shutter at the mere memory. Imagine if I was shunned by a bodyguard because I wanted to hug my favourite singer? My idol? Oh dear, I'd be in an asylum.

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