Thursday, March 4, 2010

the lady is a vamp.

I just finished the busiest part of a very busy Thursday! This morning I presented my speech on how to make a Nutella sandwich. It went pretty well, besides the fact that my toast remotely did not slice so I had to tear it. Whatever, it added comic relief :). After, I went to work and photocopied, edited a PDF file, answered e-mails, sent a whole bunch of other e-mails, made some tent labels (the first time I did them, it was a failure but the second time I knew what I was doing), and missioned it over to Humber (the college on my campus) to find a certain room for an event being held at the school on Sunday. I feel very productive at the moment!

Now, I am just waiting for 5:00p.m. so I can go to yoga and enter a meditative state for 45 minutes. After that sadly comes to an end, I am meeting my boyfriend. I don't know what on earth we are going to do tonight. Maybe we'll just eat poopy residence caf food. I sort of want to go out for dinner because when I walked by the caf on my way to my room, I saw some pretty narsty roast beef and mashed potatoes unfortunately ready to serve. We'll see.

Oh, I'm also listening to the Spice Girls again. Have you heard "The Lady is a Vamp?" I completely forgot about it until one of the girls I follow on dailybooth mentioned it in a comment. I also forgot about how much I love love love the song! It reminds me of the last Spice Girl concert ever that was held in Toronto a few years ago. That was possibly the best night of my life, besides every other Backstreet Boys' concert I've been to.

For those of you who didn't know that I love cheesy 90s bands, I am the queen of the Backstreet Boys. I love them with my entire heart and they better come back out to Toronto. The only 90s band that I really never got along with is/was Nsync. I listen to some of their stuff but they are not like BSB, whatsoever. Haha. I'm cool.

My favourite BSB ('cause you were obviously wondering)? Brian, baby. B-Rock. You should listen to his song "Welcome Home You." It made me cry. Then again, what BSB song hasn't made me cry...Yeah I am a big cheese ball. Whatever.

She's a power girl in a 90s world.

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kInterisano said...

I went to their reunion tour a couple of years too. Pretty much a dream come true for me, we sang out hearts out.