Sunday, March 21, 2010

i'm still sick as a dog.

I legit sound like a man who has been smoking for thirty years with asthma. My cough has not died down and I am losing my voice one breath at a time.

I tried to practice my persuasive speech on why smokers should properly dispose of their cigarette butts (due this Thursday might I add) but I am out of breath by the time I get to the first body point. I can't practice it without wanting to go cough and die in a corner.

I don't know what I have. My dad did tell me that I'm sick because I decided to wear a jean jacket a few weeks ago. I didn't disagree with him, but I don't want to admit that I'm sick for solely that reason.

I have had four teas today; one peppermint, one blackberry, one chamomile, and one jujube. They helped momentarily, but not for long.

I just want this cough to go awaaay. I want to breathe normally again. I want to be able to practice my speech. I want to get through this week.


cara said...

:( get well soon lev!!
<3 you

Barry said...

Damn, that sucks. Since it's been a few weeks will you see a doctor? I just hope it's not a touch of anything serious like bronchitis or pneumonia.

Don't know know what else to say except I hope you're feeling better soon.

leviana coccia. said...

Thanks Cara<3

Barry-It's actually only been less than a week since I started feeling under the weather. Soo, I'm just going to see how things go.