Tuesday, March 9, 2010

i need your help.

I am in the process of working on an essay for my "Subcultures and the Mainstream Media" class about new age (modern), ALL-GIRL, "Do it Yourself" (DIY) publications.

What are these, you ask? Well, basically these publications/organizations/periodicals are works that share the experiences of young girls trapped in the static stage of youth. Truth is, us girls are very complex people. No one quite understands us because no one ever hears how we speak when we are just being ourselves.

Girls are also neglected because of their emotions, physical appearances, menstrual cycles, and sexual experiences. The hegemony of the mainstream media does not always accept these incidents in girls' lives because well, no one really understands what it means to cry over absolutely "nothing." No one understands why once every month we ride an emotional roller coaster. No one understands how girls feel after being assaulted, abused, or molested in any way, shape, or form.

When girls are analyzed, they are studied in the presence of adults or between the walls of a doctor's office. This all-girl DIY ethos allows girls to get together, whether on a blog, an online magazine, or in a book, and use their voices that the mainstream media don't always support.

Majority of my followers are girls, and if you ladies have experienced anything like what I have mentioned in this post please, please, PLEASE, send me an e-mail to my school account: lcocci01@guelphhumber.ca.

You can share any information you'd like! Your names will not be used in my analysis and everything will be strictly confidential. I just want to study your behaviours and how you've dealt with them. Perhaps you've started a blog or joined a certain subculture that encourages young females, like ourselves, to speak up in a world that may not want to listen.

Thank you so so much!

Comments are also appreciated.


Indigo said...

Thanks so much for becoming a follower of my blog!
Your right girls do have it hard at that time of the month and get told lots that we're being too emotional and that it can't hurt that much.
Interesting topic for an assignment!


Barry said...

I've always had definite views on this.

You said, "No one quite understands us because no one ever hears how we speak when we are just being ourselves." I completely agree, but I also think that people don't quite understand you (girls) simply because they won't take the time.

Generalizations can be dangerous, but I think it's safe to say that males of all ages and adults of both sexes are easily dismissive of females in their teens and twenties. All they choose to see is irrational behaviour brought on by a mess of hormones at play. But they don't take into consideration the many physiological changes taking place and the positive effects they can have.

Girls in these age groups can be incredibly introspective, and their words are valid. As someone in his forties I can say that I've heard some tremendous viewpoints and learned a great deal over the past year.

I think we can all learn more by opening our minds and giving others a chance to present life through their eyes.

Your study sounds fascinating and I wish you the best with it.