Monday, March 29, 2010

good morning!

Hello all! 

This is going to be a really quick post because I have class in about a half-an-hour, so please bear with me! 

I woke up in such a great mood today. Even though my night was filled with reading and an abundance of strange dreams, I woke up to find a text message from my boyfriend saying he had arrived home-safe and sound. He also said he would come visit me tonight. I'm excited to see him!

As for the amount of readings I did last night--well, I thought I was finished my readings for the semester until my professor e-mailed my class last night informing us that the last three weeks of the course would be changed, thus there were additional readings we would need to complete. I took a deep breath when I saw this but I opened the attachment in the e-mail which led me to four somewhat long articles. I read them all last night, thank goodness!

Remember that camping trip I spoke about when I wrote a list of goals I'd like to accomplish during the summer? Vic, one of my best friends, is going to be booking the trip today! I'm pretty excited. We are going to go on a weekend in late July which means the weather BETTER be sweet. I can't wait to go camping and just lounge around and go to the beach all day. Mmmm and make hot dogs over the fire. I'm really so excited and the best part of it is, I'm spending that weekend with some of my very closest friends.

Now, all that's left is to get on the planning of BUFFALO 2010 with my mom, Tash, Tash's mom, and myself. It has been confirmed that we are going--as both my mom and Tash's mom said they were down--now all that's left is picking a weekend!

I'm so excited for summer.

Three more weeks of class.
Four more weeks of school, thanks to exams.
So close.

I have been forced to wake up from this amazing train of thought because I have to get dressed and pack my bag for class, now.

Long day today, every one. I have class from 9:00a.m. until 8:00p.m. So fun. If you comment on my posts and follow me, you'll make my day 100x better. Oh, and I promise--FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW!


TheLittleFlower said...

Here are my answers to your survey. If you're not sure about my explanation,mail me or comment and hopefully I can answer them again!

Anonymous said...

Camping and lounging on the beach! I'm jealous. That sounds like so much fun; I can never get my lazy boyfriend up and moving to do things.