Tuesday, March 23, 2010

ginger tea.

I love eyeliner. It makes me look alive even when I feel like I do right now.

I went to the health centre on campus and the nurse told me I don't have an infection. My tonsils are just really swollen and if I continue to feel worse/develop a fever, then I need to go back in. That made me feel a little better until I started becoming congested. So now not only do I not have a voice, but I also have lost my nasal passageway. If any of you find it, I'd love for you to give it back.

I have to get ready for work now. I have a lot to do but I really just feel like drinking ginger tea and cuddling up with Pooh bear.


neverfit said...

I'm jealous- not of your sore throat (feel better soon!), but of your eyeliner skills. I can't apply it without poking myself in the eye, then promptly giving up.

leviana coccia. said...

Ohh! That photo isn't me. I wish I had those skills haha. It takes a good long time for me to apply eyeliner-I don't have a steady hand at allll

TehrenAnaiis said...

Leviiiiannnaaa!!! feel better miss! get on the tea, and extra rest! doctors [coughtehrenscough] orders!

Barry said...

Leviana, please feel better soon. I know you have way too much to do to let this get in the way. But something tells me you won't let it!


Oh, I think your nasal passageway is with my missing John Mayer live CD. :)