Sunday, March 21, 2010

even if i didn't have a cineplex gift card, i would have paid for this film.

"Shes Out of My League" was cute, funny, and just what I needed. The two main characters played their roles very well and for a moment, even I wanted to be the scrawny awkward guy who couldn't get any love.

Honestly speaking though, "She's Out of My League" is a must see at some point. Whether it's in the theatres, in the comfort of your own living room, or on YouTube (I'm not advocating pirated movies, I'm just saying that however you watch movies most is how you should watch this film) please take an hour and a half out of your life to embrace a film that embraces awkward people who are still accepted for their awkwardness. I realize that was such a run-on sentence, but I hope you got my point.

I wouldn't say the film is Oscar material, but it was cute and even Nick liked it. Besides the annoying kid behind me who was kicking my chair, "She's Out of My League" is something I would watch again.

Go see it. Rent it when it comes out on DVD. Have a little fun with your awkward self. Don't lie, you know you're awkward at heart. We all have a little bit of awkward in us. I have a lot.


Barry said...

Okay fine, I'll admit at times I have awkward moments. Which always occur during conversation, and always unexpectedly. To the point that I'll ask myself why I'm feeling awkward, as the reason is rarely clear to me.

Hmm, I've never carried that thought outside of my mind before. :)

Thanks for the review on the movie, I'll probably watch it with my wife.

Harini said...

I want to see this movie now :).