Friday, March 19, 2010

the best qualities.

I like being around people who love me for me.
I know that I've found the right fit when I can be myself and not feel judged. Whether that means acting completely silly, venting, being totally honest, being in a bad mood, etc.
Most of my friends possess these qualities.
Whether my makeup is on or not, I know I'm respected.
I like knowing that I can hang out with friends in track pants and a baggy t-shirt and just be.
I am friends with the people I love because we don't expect anything from each other. We support each other and we don't always agree on everything.
We're real.
Our taste in music is similar.
We don't need an abundance of alcohol to have fun.
Nor do we need tonnes of money.
There are no standards.
No one to tell me how to dress or what to think.
We recognize we are different in various ways,
but that doesn't kill our friendship.
I'm lucky to have the friends I do and I love them for just being themselves.

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Barry said...

You did it. You're awesome Leviana!