Saturday, March 13, 2010

alice wasn't too horrible and my night wasn't that bad, either.

I just got home from watching "Alice in Wonderland" with the boyfriend. I was expecting it to be horrible and I'm guessing that the reason I didn't think it was all that bad was because I had very low expectations.

The acting was alright. The sets looked cool. I liked the fact that the film was 3D, just not the fact that I was charged $3.00 more. I didn't like how the story was a bit off, though.

I haven't watched the original "Alice in Wonderland" in a long time (and when I say long, I mean loooooooong) so I probably shouldn't judge the new sequel at all, but I'm going to anyways. Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" was a little awkward. It wasn't bad, it just felt like it was missing something. It didn't have that extra umph.

As a plus, I wasn't scared of Johnny Depp playing the Mad Hatter. Normally, Depp scares me. In "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," I did not approve of Depp acting as Mr. Wonka. It took the "children's" out of "children's movie." This time, though, he touched me. I liked the connection he displayed wth Alice.

I don't think I actually liked Alice, though. She was a bit too protagonisty-if that's even a word. She was very, "Oh look at me, I'm not the real Alice. Oh, but I am. Oh, I like rabbits in suit jackets. I won't ever marry a red-head. I will slay, though. Oh I'm the real Alice, now." Sorry if that spoiled the film for anyone...

Besides that, though. I had a good night. My boyfriend and I went to McDonald's after, it tasted good but I feel gross at the moment because of the stupid Chicken McNuggets and fries we devoured! Then, he kissed me in the freezing cold, pouring rain.

I liked that part of my night. :)

As for tomorrow, I have to leave to go back to residence earlier than normal. I have an interview tomorrow for a STAMP/POP position. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. Then, it's back to reality as another week comes flying in my direction.

My weekend's over, already. I will miss you weekend. I will miss you rainy goodnight kiss.

4 comments: said...

great post ... vivid descriptions! some parts made me laugh

Barry said...

Thanks for the review on the film, I might watch it when it comes out on DVD.

Loved your story about the kiss, but then I'm a mushy sap when it comes to this stuff. Shhh, don't tell anyone (even though the world knows now). :)

I sent you an e-mail on the account you have listed on your sidebar, as the other one you gave me bounced back for some reason. I forgot to mention that my other e-mail address is listed in my sidebar.

Go get 'em in your STAMP interview Leviana, I'm sure you'll let us all know how you did!

Suyinsays said...

awww what a cute and funny post ! really, you didnt like it? i thought it was quite good, but didnt see it in 3D though, so the effects must have been pretty special, no?

leviana coccia. said...

I liked the film, don't get me wrong. There was just something off. I think it was well done, though. No doubt about that!!