Friday, February 5, 2010

the smell of wine and cheep perfume.

Last night was very productive. Ashlee came over to res and before we started studying for our midterm, she pied her boyfriend in the face.

We studied in the study room on my floor for our Desire and Discontent midterm. We realized that memorizing was not the ticket for doing well in this course so we became philosophers ourselves and asked questions leading to great conversation.

After 2+ hours of studying, I busted out my laptop and we started zumba-ing in the study room. Yeah, in the stuffy study room on my floor with a huge window in the back and in the front, we moved our arms, legs, and shook are bums to Jai Ho, Single Ladies, Boom Boom Pow, and Hotel Room. Gooood times!

As for today, I have to go get my new res card made (because I lost it yesterday somewhere in between my room and my school but it is no where to be found). Then I have to pack, go to class, and go home for the night to get some serious studying done! I have to work Sunday morning back at campus so I'm cherishing these next two days.

Have a good one!

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