Friday, February 19, 2010

rules of someone else's game.

For the most part, you respect me. This time, though, something is not the same. You're acting like the court is all yours but really half is mine. You haven't spent the last three years of your life in a relationship all on your own. I've been in it too. I chose to be with you and I should have a say in what I want for this, for us.

Ignore me all you want but I just need to know one thing. If what you say is for real, then please just tell me you need to leave. Why would I want to be with someone who isn't on the same page-nor the same chapter-as me? Well, the answer to that is because I'm willing to work with you to get into the same chapter as you but for the past few months you just want the easy way out.

A few months ago you told me you weren't sure if you loved me. It hurt, but I can respect that. You later confirmed that it was just the anger talking. So, everytime we fight or you're unhappy with me you push the "unlove" button?

I'm not a toy that you can just throw around at your own will. I'm not asking you to change nor am I asking you to do anything for me. If you want to be in this relationship with me, then you need to work at it. Life isn't just an escape clause.

I'm willing to work at it, I always am. I've been the bigger person so many times. You're just waiting for me to cave in...


Anonymous said...

i don't know the situation so disregard this comment if its inappropriate.
but sometimes, being the bigger person means walking away, even if it makes you unhappy.
don't be afraid of what could happen. only you know if you deserve better, but if you know, then you have to get it. don't settle.
i hope everything works out for you.

Anonymous said...