Friday, February 26, 2010

oh canada, our home and native land.

Canada's Women's Hockey Team took the party from the dressing room to the ice last night after defeating the USA and claiming their Gold. The problem with that? Well, it's not very classy and there was some boozing going down. Marie-Philip Poulin, 18 and a Team Canada player, allegedly took part in the boozing. She's 18 in British Columbia taking back champagne and a few cans of Molson Canadian. That doesn't fly when the legal drinking age in B.C. is 19.

I don't blame the Canadian Women for partying hardcore, I mean they beat the USA and the Men's team could barely keep up with their rivalries. However, it doesn't make the country they are supporting and playing in look very professional or classy. Nonetheless, Team Canada has issued a public apology.

The issue is to be further investigated, starting with Poulin.

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