Sunday, February 28, 2010

i am so pumped.

It's really hard to focus on the Confessions of St. Augustine when I have excitement, anticipation, adrenaline, and nervousness itching up inside of me one moment at a time. In about three hours, the puck will drop at Canada Hockey Place in Vancouver, British Columbia and a game to make history text books will commence.

It's amazing to me that our children and grandchildren will be hearing and reading stories about this game and this Olympic season in years to come but we have gotten the chance to watch it and live it.

Canada leads in Gold medals with 13, the Olympic record. If we win tonight and make it 14, we will have broke the record and reclaimed our title as the owners of the game of hockey.

I know I'm redundant, I'm just so excited and I can't read any more Desire and Discontent because I am remotely not focusing.

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