Tuesday, January 19, 2010

so much drama, such little time.

I went to yoga again tonight with my roommate. It certainly calmed my nerves and I feel very refreshed, though tired, at the moment. 

My evening has been running much smoother than my day, aside from a few glitches. Tonight, I plan on dealing with these few glitches, finishing my readings for the week, and getting a good night sleep. 

I might be going Kick Boxing tomorrow with my boyfriend, my roommate, and friends from her program but this plan is still up in the air.

I work tomorrow night at Peer Tutoring, which will be interesting. I always get creeped on hard by the "gentlemen" (not really) that I work with. One guy added me on Facebook and I felt weirded out by that so I put him on limited profile. That surely didn't stop him because last Wednesday he said in his very unattractive accent (I'm not racist, I swear) "You have nice pictures."

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow night for that reason but I love working with the kids! There are these two spanish students, one we will call L and the other we will call C, and I was helping them with their reading comprehension last week. I love them! I can't wait to see them tomorrow.

Hopefully creeper with the accent won't freak me out. I guess I'm wearing a turtle  neck tomorrow. Shit, I don't even have one on residence with me. 

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