Tuesday, January 26, 2010

save you from yourself.

We live in such a depresing world.

No one is happy with themselves, everyone wants to be someone they're not, people die after just crossing the street because they forget to look both ways, drunk drivers are a reality the same as sex addicts, the handicapped are not accepted in society and are given special treatment when all they want is to fit in, and then there are people who feel they have no reason to live so they end their lives to feel something-to feel the pain that matters.

We are all consumed in sadness for a number of reasons, even some I have not listed above. Half of the time the sadness is based on insecurity, vulnerability, and nonbelief in oneself.

I strongly believe, and have witnessed it myself, that in order to be happy in life you do not need a companion or someone who accepts you. Once you have come to terms with yourself and accept your body, your personality, and your bad breath in the morning then I think you'll be okay.

It's hard to be happy with yourself and even in a perfectly content life, there will be moments of doubt and insecurity. But, once we remind ourselves that we love what we have we will be okay. 

As for the pedestrians dying while just crossing the street, please look both ways. Oh, and to Toronto drivers: make sure you remind yourself you're driving in Toronto. People jaywalk for 24 hours straight, day in and day out. I know I don't drive and I can't exactly judge but when I'm in the car downtown, I am not blind to the people walking in front of the car I'm in when it's a green light. 

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