Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i should charge you interest.

I still don't have my mark up and I learned yesterday that my professor had an unfortunate "back injury" just like she had to take her dog and cat to the vet and how her mother-in-law got open heart surgery.

I wonder if I didn't follow deadlines, like say pay my tuition and residence fees on time, what would happen to me? I'd be de-registered and I'd have no room to live in. So, here's another question for you Guelph-Humber, why the heck is Noble still a teacher? She doesn't follow deadlines, at all, yet she's still getting paid (probably) over $100000.00 a year to sit on her bum.


AVY said...

Teachers have no respect these days.

Laura_F said...

"back injury"? seriously? if we pulled that kind of thing in the real world, and all her pet emergencies and ttc black holes, we'd be out of a job, and told that in the real world, you have to follow deadlines, and not give stupid excuses. Legitamite excuses sure, but not stupid ones. Gives me hope for my dream of writing for Macleans one day though...if Kimberley can do it, anyone can! She walked into my subcultures class todday (were you there i did not notice)...and when i saw her it was like horrible flashbacks.

leviana coccia. said...

Yeah, Laura I saw her walk in haha. I laughed. Clearly her back is OK.