Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i always thought i lived in a safe place.

I'm reading the news and apparently two (dead) bodies have been found in York Region in less than 12 hours. One body was found early this morning at the New Market Go Station and another was found last night around 9:00pm five minutes from my house. 

Police officials say that a man was arrested at the scene closest to my house, where the dead body of a middle-aged woman was found. Police are not sure if this was a homicide.

That's the second time in maybe just over a year that someone has been killed really close to my house. I know people in Richmond Hill are snobby (excuse me) ass holes but for real, just let them be. Richmond Hillians think they own the place because they're rich, smoke a lot of pot, and cause drama with different races. Relax.

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