Saturday, January 9, 2010

guess i'm working three jobs again this summer.

I just read an article from the Toronto Star and essentially this is what it said: Though Canada's unemployment rate has potential to decrease, Ontario's does not. The unemployment rate in Ontario last month was 9.3% and does not look like it will improve anytime soon. Contributing to this increase was the unexpected 85, 000 jobs that were lost in the United States in December. Since Ontario's economy is highly dependent on exports to the U.S., another 17, 000 positions in Ontario were lost adding up to 171, 000 job losses since the recession started in 2008.

I am a student, among many other students, and I need to find jobs this summer to pay for school/transportation. I have a job at a summer camp lined up already and the potential of returning to Kelsey's but what if I want something else? Truth is, Ontario has nothing to offer.

If I want to get more experience in my future field of work, I have to do it for free. That doesn't bother me, I've been doing that for a while, but what happens when school starts again and I have no money to fend for myself?

C'mon Ontario, make some more jobs.

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TehrenAnaiis said...

Hey dear,
I hear you on the job situation, over here in alberta its the same, unless you live in banff or another resort town there really is no work to be found. sucks really.