Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Bonjour Dimanche!

Holy! It is already Sunday. This weekend flew by. It felt like only yesterday I had been in my Digital Design class stressing over my logo and the constant power outages that occurred, screwing up the process. But no, it is Monday tomorrow meaning that I will have to deal with my week, yet again.

This week, I have to prepare for quite a bit. I have to attend a school recruiting event on Sunay, February 7 for work. Then, on Monday, February 8  I have my first test for Desire and Discontent (ah), on the 9th my first assignment is due for Subcultures and Mainstream Media, then on the 11th I have my second speech to present for Presentations and Persuasion. So, I am going to spend majority of this week studying, culture jamming, preparing, and practicing for next week's events. It will all be worth it in the end, though!

I will start preparing for my Desire and Discontent test first, because that is going to be a toughy! I read over some of my notes last night and I don't know how I am going to pull through. The thing is, the content isn't hard it just really makes me think. I'm stuck in a trap between what my professor thinks, what my readings say, and what opinion I should develop for myself. The topics that we cover are really intense too, like "Eros" or love. I have my own opinion on love but now I have to base it on what I'm being taught. Oh dear. 

However, on Feburary 11 to celebrate the almost-end of the crazy week before reading week, Tash is coming to res to visit me and we are going to pub! Then, after my class on the 12th I am going home for reading week.

It is during this time that the Ontario Colleges are supposed to decide whether or not they are going to go on strike. The pros of going on strike would be that I could get all my readings done, go visit Cass, and possibly start job hunting for the summer. The cons of going on strike, though, are that my semester has the potential to flop and leak into my summer-making it difficult to find a good job before camp starts, I would be stuck at home or on res not knowing what to do with my life, I would be getting screwed over even though I don't go to an Ontario College, and hundreds of thousands of other students would be in my boat.

On a more positive note, my jeans are really loose on me. That means I need to go shoppppppping (I'll save that for reading week...maybe).

Peace & love & enjoy your lovely-lazy Sunday.

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