Friday, January 8, 2010

but you've already lost when you only have barely enough of her to hang on.

Bon matin, 

How the heck is it already Friday? This month off has flown by and on Monday I start my new semester. I'm pretty excited for Radio Broadcasting but I'm a tad nervous that I'm tackling too much. With 5 classes, 1 lab, a job as a Peer Tutor, and as Events Assistant, I'm not sure how I'm going to have time for everything but I'm sure I'll manage. Nonetheless, I'm looking forward to routine!

As nice as this break has been, it has also been very spontaneous. I have seen my Nonno and Nonna more times in this month off than I do in 6 months, which is not at all a bad thing because I love them, but I'm just talking!

Speaking of my Nonno and Nonna, I'm scared that they're going to be gone soon...My Nonna is turning 79 this year and is currently living with Osteo-Arthritis, Chronic Bronchitis, Asthma, and much more. My Nonno is turning 81 this year and is living with Osteoporosis, slight Diabetes, a crushed vertebrae, and a dislocated disc in his back. I don't want them to leave this earth because they have done so much for me. 

In my heart, I have a feeling that they will be around for a little while longer and I'm very thankful for that. My mom and dad are talking of selling our house and selling my Nonno and Nonna's house to purchase a large bungalo somewhere so my grandparents don't have to climb stairs anymore. As much as I'd be heartbroken to leave the house I've lived in all of my life, I think a fresh start is never bad. If this change does occur, it has a lot of potential. 

Aside from all of this depressing stuff, I have to go make my boyfriend a special something. He got two of his wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday and was a little drugged up chipmunk for the day. I'm spending some time with him later on so I need to get cracking! In case he reads this, I can't reveal the suprirse... 



TehrenAnaiis said...

Hey Doll! Let us know how radio broadcasting is when you start will you? Im graduating with my bachelor of science this semester but in september i want to take a broadcasting diploma mainly for radio, so opinions and insight would be so helpful!

leviana coccia. said...

Hey! Thanks for the comment :) I will def. post something about my radio broadcasting class to help ya out, my pleasure!