Sunday, December 13, 2009

you gotta do much betta if you gonn' dance with me tonight.

I bought a pair of booties like these from Italy two years ago and I have no idea where they are. They made any outfit look somewhat nice, too. 

Man, I need new outfit choices. Last night, I went skating with my boyfriend and I was wearing my usual jeans-tank top-cardigan outfit and I looked in the mirror and looked seven years old. To make things better, I had my bangs pulled back in a headband so I really looked seven.

I think I'm going shopping today, which would be nice since I got a pay check this week that I wasn't expecting. Well, that's if my mom feels better. She's getting a bit of a cold and last night she was coughing up a storm! 

Anyways, I just really want to find these boots or buy new high boots that way I can stop wearing my moms when I go out. I also need some cute sweaters and a few more dresses. You can never have enough dresses! 

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