Wednesday, December 16, 2009

she smiles in a big way, the way a girl like that smiles, when the world is hers.

Today was an alright day. I woke up early and got ready to eat breakfast with my boyfriend. He came over after his exam and ate with me before we parted ways for the day. It was good to see him, I hadn't seen him in a few days. 

After breakfast, he went home to "study" for his last two exams and I went downtown with my mom to my grandparents' house. I spent the majority of the day there, watching soap operas with my Nonna when my Nonno and mom were out doing groceries. I helped my Nonna write out some Christmas cards and I did some laundry for her. After a late lunch, my mom and I went home to cook for my brother and father. Of course, we ate as well which has made me feel like a little porker!

Then, it got quiet. My dad was tired so he was very antisocial tonight. My mom is getting over a cold but now has a really bad dry cough and went to sleep at 8p.m. My brother has three pulled muscles: two groins and one shoulder muscle. It was just me, my green tea, my brother, his hot chocolate, the Leaf game, and 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter tonight. 

As for the next few days, I'm going to be actually doing something with friends! Tommorrow night I'm going out with my boy to find our Christmas presents, on Friday I have a Christmas potluck dinner, on Saturday I'm out all day at Vic's house, and Sunday is my day to relax and prep for the crazy week ahead. I am starting work next week, I plan on calling to find out my schedule tomorrow. But, on Monday I am seeing Tash :), on Tuesday Cass comes home, on Wednesday I'm hanging out with the Maple and Richmond Hill crew, then Thursday is Christmas Eve celebrations at my grandmother's, and Friday is Christmas Day celebrations at my Zia's, Nonna's, and back to my grandmother's for a late night game of cards and some left over Christmas dinner. JAM PACKED!

I'm excited for the next week and a bit because I have something to look forward to every day. 

I am off to catch up on Gossip Girl. I don't think I've watched two consequtives episodes since Midterms. I watched an episode two nights ago and I fell asleep at my computer. DON'T WORRY TASH, I AM ON EPISODE 4 OF SEASON 3! I'M CATCHING UP! :) Maybe we can have a marathon on Monday night? Yeeeeah! 

Well, if GG doesn't work out for me tonight, then listening to Dashboard most definitely will!

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