Thursday, December 17, 2009

my christmas wishlist: a new wardrobe.

My boyfriend and I went Christmas shopping for each other tonight. I bought him snowboarding pants from West 49 that he really wanted! They are black and very simple but they match his snowboarding jacket. Now, all he needs is a matching hat. Nick, you better not buy a hat because your birthday is in less than a month! 

My boy is a really good snowborder and he is currently working on a snowboarding box, whatever that means. I am so bad with technical sports terms, but I am proud of him. He wrote his last exam today and has time for himself! 

He bought me an entire new outfit that I cannot wait to wear. I tried everything back on when I came home and I am so excited to wear these new clothes out! 

First, he got me a gray knit skirt with pleats and three buttons from Urban Behaviour. It's so cute. Then, he got me navy blue, black, white, and gray flanel woven shirt from Forever 21. Last, he got me a beautiful tank from Forever 21 that has some really nice sequence around the chest area. 

When we were picking out my gift, Nick was getting so tired! I would ask, "Is this cute?" and he'd look at me and nod and just slug around the store. I didn't really know what I wanted so when I was picking out items, I was looking at a lot of stuff! BUT I couldn't be happier with what I have. In fact, if I didn't get any of this for Christmas, I'd still be happy! 

We spent about $200.00 between the two of us. Whoopsies.

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