Saturday, December 5, 2009

in the midst of it all, i feel you near.

I'm so full. My parents took my family out to the Mandarin tonight after my brother's hockey game. As always, the food was good but I was pretty bummed when our server gave us those hot towels because mine was cold! Not to mention, my fortune cookie was stale too! It's alright, I'm sure the people at the Mandarin saved a few bucks on energy with my cold towel and another few bucks on fortune cookie stock.

Other than all of that exciting news, it is freezing outside. As soon as I came home I had to make a peppermint tea because I couldn't feel my hands. I feel much better now, though, because I'm changed into PJs and I'm wearing a wool sweater. Now, no judgements please. I know it's 8:40p.m. on a Saturday and I am home alone in my PJs writing in my blog, but I thoroughly enjoy the peace and quiet that is available to me at this moment.

Speaking of the quiet though, sometimes I hate being home alone because my house makes creepy noises, lights randomly go off and on, and I always feel like there's someone in the house with me. In fact, as soon as I turned on my computer and was about to type in my password but still had no fingers on the keyboard, the space to enter the password was being filled really fast as if someone or something was pressing on one key. It sure wasn't me.

I could go on and on with creepy stories about my house and about my family but I should really finish my sociology exam notes. 

Ah man, I just heard another creak. 

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