Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Hello blog world,

I am quite content this morning. I have Glee's cover of "True Colours" on repeat, I'm blogging, and it's hump day! The first time my dad told me that Wednesday was hump day because it's the hump of the week and if you can get over Wednesday, you can do anything, I laughed really hard. Oh sexual innuendos told by your father!

Besides all of that, my handy Mac laptop has the weather on its dashboard and it has informed me that on Friday, there will be snow in Toronto with a low of -7 degrees Celsius. It's about time that you came my way, Mr. Snow.

When my parents went to Vegas last week, they told me that on the main strip of the city, Christmas carols were being played but it made them feel really out of place because there was no snow anywhere. We're used to listening to Christmas carols after shoveling six inches of snow not while walking through Vegas!

It's very selfish of me, though, to be so concerned about how much it's going to snow before Christmas arrives when there are a million other things I could be putting my energy towards. Since I want to change this world, whether that's by myself or not, snow should be the least of my worries. Well, unless I'm ambitious enough to drastically reduce air pollution or something. Don't get me wrong, I care about the air we breathe (obviously, I don't want cancer please and thanks **knock on wood**), but I can't do that all on my own!

There should be a campaign for promoting clean snow at Christmas. How could we attain this? Well, we could reduce our car use to go to the malls to over consume on Christmas gifts, for one. That has the potential to kill two birds with one stone, actually.

Christmas is the number one commercial holiday, despite the state of the economy. A close second is Halloween. In preparation for these two festivals, we spend so much money and for what reason? For gifts? For candy? The meaning of Christmas is joy and though that new sweater or those new boots will make you content for the time being, do they actually impact your life that much that they will give you eternal happiness? Like, are those boots Holy or something?

I'm a hypocrite because I always spend ridiculous amounts of money on my family for Christmas because I care about them, but they would rather me spend time with them or take them out for coffee. Well, my brother probably would prefer a gift then spending time with me, baha.

I don't really want much this Christmas. I do, however, need a camera cord to help my camera charge. When my mom asked me what I want for Christmas, I said "A Kodak Camera USB cord, please and thanks."

Anyways, this morning's rant was full of thoughts and it isn't very well organized but I hope it got you thinking about what you really need for Christmas. If you don't need anything, maybe give up your Christmas gifts for a family less fortunate than your own.

I remember in elementary school when we would have to give gifts to a family sponsored by the Salvation Army, I would always pick the father. I know that my dad is always so concerned with providing for my family and would give up his entire salary to put me through school or do something else for my benefit so when I thought of a father who had no option but to seek help from an organization to help is family, I figured he deserved a little thanks too. That's not to say that the others deserve anything less, though! I once bought a father a really nice blue scarf and I asked my dad if he liked it and he did. I've always been a sap for Christmas if you couldn't tell.

I am going to go read over an essay I have due today and then I am going to get ready for class! Enjoy your snowless day.

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