Wednesday, December 23, 2009

finally, an update.

Good morning! 

I woke up early today for absolutely no reason other than excitement. Cass is home after two months of school which means that when I see her today I am going to give her a hug that might squish her. I am going over to the Cutchee household around 10:30a.m. but I won't get there until after 11a.m. because I am taking the bus! 

This probably makes me sound really spoiled, but I hardly ever take the bus and I don't have my own car or my G2. Honestly, I like taking the bus. It gives me time to listen to music, sing along with my favourite songs (not out loud, don't worry), and people watch ;). Nonetheless, my parents have always been somewhat against me taking the bus to get to where I want to be. So, they drive me whenever and wherever if I can't get a ride. I know that most kids from Toronto are used to the public transit system but I, from good ol' Richmond Lame, am not. Well, I obviously know how to take the bus/public transit but more so in legit Toronto than in my hometown.

After 10 years of being friends with the girls from Maple, I am finally venturing out on public transit. It's a big mile stone, haha. I am excited.

Anyways, now that I am done ranting about the bus (wow, I need more things to talk about), I am proud to announce that I had my first lunch shift back at work yesterday. It was sooooo busy. I noticed that there were a lot of families that came to eat, which is nice, because it is Christmas time! Though lunch shifts are normally boring and so slow, I really enjoyed working during the day but having the same structure as an average dinner rush. It wasn't crazy but it was the perfect amount of busy. 

Last night, I helped my mom bake biscotti, nom nom nom. Then, I went to Nick's house to see his family! It was nice to see them. The cutest part of last night had to be when I took Nick's youngest sister out skating for the first time in her life. See, Nick's dad build an ice rink in their backyard and Nick's youngest sister got some new skates so I was holding her hands as her little ambitious legs and feet walked on the ice. Too cute.

I work again tomorrow during the day for 4.5 hours and then I am off to my Grandmother's for Christmas Eve dinner, some gambling (yeee), gift exchange, and family until like 2:00a.m. I am so pumped to eat! My cousin makes these amazing cornflake-marshmellow holly cookies that legit look like holly and they are SO DELICIOUS! I probably eat them all every year. 

On Christmas day I open up gifts from "Santa" at home then go to my Zia's house and eat a lot of dessert. Afterwards, I go to my Nonna's house for a late lunch, even though I am not hungry at all, and open gifts. After that, I go back to my grandmother's for like, round 17.

With all of this Christmas anxiety fast approaching, I can't complain about my first week at home. It's been pretty good. I've been relaxing, seeing people I haven't seen in forever, eating, working, and Christmas shopping. Amazing combo.

Now, I am off to get my butt ready! The bus comes in exactly one hour. Wooooooo. 

Until I blog again, Merry Christmas! 

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