Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I'm watching "Live with Regis and Kelly," yes I am an old lady, and they were talking about eyebrows and how the first time Kelly got her eyebrows waxed, the lady took off half of her brow. This has never happened to me (knock on wood) and I hope it never does. I think I'd be traumatized. I am so sensitive about my eyebrows and whenever they aren't done I feel like I look like poop. I think my eyebrows are the only things I get done outside of my home and the only thing I am always concerned about. For example, if my nails aren't pretty I care but not to the extent where I run to go get a manicure. I'm more concerned about the first things people see on my face and I feel those things are my eyebrows. I have big eyes and big eyelashes and with all that goodness, I have distinct brows. When they're done, I like their distinctiveness. When they're not done, I want to hide.  That's my rant, the end.

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