Sunday, November 8, 2009

nitty gritty.

I have an assignment due tomorrow. The more times I read it over, the more times I stress that it's not good enough. See, my professor is brilliant. I love his class, I love the way he teaches, and I love everything about the environment within the classroom during his lectures. However, he's absolutely intelligent. He doesn't read off of a powerpoint, he actually discusses terms and conditions with the class and he most certainly knows what he is teaching. I've done every reading for his class, I did well on the midterm, and here I am stressing over a 500 word assignment worth 30% of my final grade. I've been working on it for over two weeks. I've manufactured every sentence, to the best of my abilitiy, in order to make the paper flow. I've tried not to summarize too much. The only bummer: did I analyze enough? Tell ya what, I'll sleep on it and if I am still stressing in the morning, I'll read it over one last time. If I find errors, I'll change them. If not, I'm taking a major risk and handing in an assignment that I have some faith in to an extremely brilliant man. Ay.

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