Wednesday, November 4, 2009

eight seconds left in overtime.

Alright. So I finally finished the introduction and two overviews of my fifth or sixth writing assignment of the year. Score. I am not used to writing the way I am currently doing so in this paper, though. My topic is on Fair Use and Fair Dealing in both the American and Canadian Copyright Acts.

I spoke to my professor about how I should go about writing my paper and which three arguments I should use to support my major argument--that Canada's Fair Dealing needs to become more accepting like the U.S. especially in terms of education.

When I asked him this he stared at me blankly and said that there is only ever one argument in an essay and that my paper should provide an introduction to the issue, an overview of the two strands, and then a case study comparing and contrasting the difference between Fair Use and Fair Dealing in relation to education. It makes perfect sense to me but applying it is so darn difficult!

I watched a two hour conference last night held at OCAD (Ontario College of Art and Design) online comparing and contrasting Fair Use and Fair Dealing and I took 8 pages of notes! I've also done tonnes and tonnes of research to help me understand what the differences are. The best thing, I found a chart comparing the two in relation to education. So, I've done all the right background steps but applying it all is driving me insane.

I like to write flowery and flamboyantly but in the words of my prof, I am not writing for a magazine right now and not using adjectives can still be sexay. I am pretending that my prof has never heard of Fair Use or Fair Dealing and that he has no idea what the limits are in using copyrighted works for teaching methods. How do I craft an interesting analysis after I un-sexily discuss every nook and cranny? I have no idea.

That's my rant. I'm going to go try and be productive. I want to finish this essay this week so next week I can kick it in gear with editing.

Writing to challenge someone who has much more education and brilliance than I do is actually so difficult. I want to blow you away (I won't call you sir 'cause I know you hate that) professor but I also want to challenge myself and be ambitious. As you say with absolutely everything professor, the sky is the limit and with the ambition to do something great, anything greater than great is very possible.

Oh how I love you copyright.

Everyone knows I'm in over my head, over my head...

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