Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dear ttc.

Dear Toronto Transit Commission,

Why must you hike TTC fares another $0.25? I understand that you are potentially making some major changes to the TTC routes, like the extension from Finch station to the Richmond Hill Centre (holla), the extension from Kipling station to the Woodbine Centre/Humber College (after I graduate from G.H., thanks so much eugh), and making a route extension to Vaughan, but for real who has $3.00 exactly in change in their wallet? Scrounging around for $2.75 is hard enough! I have to look through every drawer to find loose nickles and dimes and when I'm at home, my dad's spare change collection on the dining room table becomes my best friend.

The TTC has a lot of potential and has fulfilled most of it so far, but another hike in fares would mean that the total costs since the once $2.25 price have risen by 33 per cent. Not cool!

Next year, I was hoping to either buy a car (lol, that's funny but I can dream) or bus it to school every morning instead of living on res because it's seriously so expensive. Yes, I'd still be saving a tonne of money by taking the TTC but from Richmond Hill to Finch Station is a separate cost altogether, thank you Viva and York Region Transit for making my life miserable. Oh I mustn't forget to mention that the Viva/YRT fares are $3.25 for only one travelling zone.The second I get to Finch Station, I'd have to be paying this additional and ugly $3.00 fare which by the end of my school year in April would have me paying over $600.00 for TTC fares alone! Don't forget about the same amount for Viva/YRT fares. If I had $1200.00 to spend next year, I'd rather it be on food and clothes, but life doesn't work like that. To help the TTC pay for their huge development, I have to spend that money on commuting. Damn, I already pay a lot of money for my tuition. We students can never catch a break.

You can make the argument that $1200.00+ for commuting is still a lot cheaper than buying a car, living on res, or renting a house but in reality, how reliable will the TTC be next year? The bus ride from my house to just outside of campus is already 2 hours on a bright sunny day with no traffic, what will happen when it's snowing outside and people forget how to drive? Or, when the bus is LATE? Or, when there's a delay? Or, when I have class that ends around 4 and I'm stuck on a packed bus with other smelly students in rush hour?

Clearly, I don't agree with this fare hike. It's dumb, plain and simple. We already pay a tonne of money in taxes and then of course, we have to pay extra for fares even though they were already expensive.

This hike also means an increase in metropass monthly costs and day passes.

Thanks TTC for being inconsiderate to students and people who can't afford an extra $0.25 per ride. It doesn't sound like much, but that $0.25 is 1/4 of a dollar and a dollar means a donut at Timmies. Guess I'll have to give up that habit too.



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