Tuesday, November 10, 2009

a coma might feel better than this.

Do you expect me to believe that there is any validity in the words that you speak?

Just look around at this idea of a developed socitey.

There’s no chivalry, no heart, no nothing at all.

Our idea of perfect has changed throughout these years of sensorship.

Our brilliant ideas of a serene and harmonious lifestyle have been hindered.

All we do is observe this destruction, we have no choice; we’ve got no voice.

We must all be deranged, delirious and too daft to let this all happen.

We must stand up, find a voice.

We have to find a way to deliver prize, a voice must arise from this shadow.

Show them we don’t have to follow, we can build from our imperfections.

A revolution, we must start before we get engulfed by this overwheling shadow.


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