Wednesday, October 14, 2009

crazy hectic lifestyle of the broke and unknown blogger.

I'm not one to dwell and complain on things (even though it may seem that I am when I blog) so if I'm around people who constantly complain, I find myself tipping more and more over the edge. If I snap, I don't mean it. It's all this darn work I'm expected to complete. I am, after all, on top of my school work but from now until December 7, my life is going to consist of assignments, readings, midterms, tests, and exams. In fact, I have something due/taking place every week (sometimes in multiples of three or four) with regards to school from now until the beginning of Christmas break, except for the week of November 2.

Not to mention...I just got a job as a Peer Tutor for Humber (the College on my campus). I'm excited to start working but I'm scared I'm over committing myself. I guess only time can tell. I start tomorrow with a grade 9 and 10 homework club. P.S. the homework that these students are having trouble with is math. Want to laugh? I haven't take math since grade 11!

I was once told to take any challenge I am presented with because I may surprise myself with what I can accomplish. Thus, I have done so. Thank goodness I have that scientific calculator...

Peace, love, and sleep. Finally.

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