Thursday, October 15, 2009

all work and no play.

Yay! I've finally written out all of my Contemporary Narrative notes and I've read them over twice. From now until Monday I just have to work on memorizing the fine details and do some continuous review. I also have a mid term on Wednesday for my sociology class and just my luck, my lecture notes from yesterday's class have disappeared. Apparently I didn't save them to my computer which sucks because I had detailed notes from the entire lecture to benefit my studying and preparation for the mid term. I e-mailed my prof in hope that maybe he'd send me the slides that we studied in class just so I have something to work with. Hopefully he gets my e-mail soon. Oh well, I'll just have to work with what I have.

I also have a midterm next Friday for my News Writing and Editing class but my teacher doesn't exactly teach so I have no idea what the heck we are being tested on. In fact, my prof told us to bring our laptops to class so we can look up information on a certain movie we watched in class, if needed. I had this prof last year and she's a joke and a half.

On top of all of this, I have to work with my Media Structure and Policy group to finish our documentary for our presentation on October 26. We are working on the documentary as a group by adding all the finishing touches next Tuesday (the day before my Soc. midterm) so I am going to have to do some serious studying on Monday afternoon, Monday night, and Tuesday after our group meeting.

Now, I am going to interview a professor for our documentary with my friend Ashlee. I hope it goes well so I can come back to my room, upload the footage, do some research for our assignment to prepare for next week, and continue studying.

I'm stressing out just thinking about it. Grr, anxiety attack in three, two, one... Okay I'm not actually having an anxiety attack but I am running on very little sleep.

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